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>> here is jeff barnd with "late editiin". >>have done an outstanding ob. >> soomany disasters in thatt3 office. >> racc for city state's attorney, why the campaign is staying hot up until the enn.
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>> new plans to move the mosque. what a maryyand man is noww3 proposing. >> little rivalry going on here. and too bad he will lose. >> ravens' fans on the move. how they showed their purple pride, in enemy territory. >> and a reporter's allegation, why she laims the new york jets were harassing her. >> live in high definition, from wbff tv in baltimore, ttis is fox 45 news "late edition". >> helll again, i am jeff barnd. jennifer is off tonight. primary day in marylanddis just and tonight election officials say they expect about 32 percent of voters to gg to the polls. michael buczyner has the story of a very surprise endorsement in the hotty contested baltimore state's attorney race that could have a major impact. >> just hours before vottrs decide who will likely be baltimore's next state's attorney. high profile defense attorney said he is breaking with
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tradition. civil rights attorney and former judge billy murphy has endorsed challenger bernstein over jessamy. the latest high profile endorsement for bernstein comms on the heels of similar3 endorsemenns from the baltimore sun and city's police union. jessamy has picked up high profile endorsements, including the baptist minister's conference. and today at a community her accomplishments in office. >> over the course of my time as state's attorney i haveedone an outstanding job. and i continueeto pprform on -ehaaf of the citizens. >> there have been so any disasters in that office. so many failed opportunities. time for baltimore to get something that is better than that. >> murphy also said that e was offended by the recent remarks jessamy made about bernstein taking us intact years if elected. michael buczyner fox 45 news late he dismiss the final push baltimore county execctive as well. kevin kamenetz and supporters
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greeted motorists in randallstown. councilman bartenfelderrmet with residents at the overlea senior center. of experience, knowledge, and vision, i am not running on a ppst record but running on what iiwant to do for this county. >> run our overnment efficient and effectively. and still deliver the services that people expect by taxes they pay. >> both crisscrossing the county tomorrow, greeting voters at the polls. >> marylanders are getting calls from sarah palin. >> hi, this is governor sarah palin. here to tell you that brian governor with a private sector3 experience to get maryland's econnmy moving. >> palin also underscores that murphy is not a career politician, and the only true conservative republlcan in the race for governor against former governor ehrlich ttmorrow. ehrlich was just endorsed by senator mccain. palin's running mate, of course in the presidential election.
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ú%ay with fox 45 news all night. live as the votes are tallied and stay with you untillthe key race decided. get the llaest information for the primary and november. second election. at 2010. >> breaking news to report now. a man shot earlier today in southeaat baltimore has died. police found him shot in the ú%est at holaburt avenue and kahne street. died at the hospital. and at 9:00 tonight in west baltimore. a man and woman were shot at west saratoga and bruce streets. no word on their conditions at this time. >> and police are currently searching for a man charged with attempted murdtheory escaped four days ago. palmer transported to central booking frrday when he managed to lip from handcuffs and took off. police say he fled the citt. and might be in washington or maybe west virginia. police say he is traveling with his pregnant girlfriend. if you see either of them you
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immediately. >> and the woman that witnessed the shooting of former city council memberken harris told jurors what happened that night. as crime and justice reporter joy lepola tells us now, her testimony kicked ff the state's case. >> after nearly two years only eyewitness to former councilmanken harris' murder broke her silence. monica robinsonninside of the car when a man wearing a halloween mask fired the shot that hit harris. she told jurors, i was terrified. i could not believe what was happpning. i was screaming and yelling telling kenneth to drive. >> she felt the car shake but never heard a gunshot. she testified in court, that quote when he slowed down, i didn't know he was shot. i just kept saying, go, go, go. defense attorney bev vins didd3ú you the state's case, he represents jerome williams. the suspect that prosecutors believe ssot harris.ú >> her testimony today seems to be not what she said.
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so that will be one of the things brought out on cross examination. >> prooecutors mapped out the ccse. aad told the jury that even though no one that night saw the faces of the three suspects, modern technollgy, and forensic science would prove beyond a reasonable doubb that charles mcganey, gary coolins, and jerome williams are rrsponsible -n harris' urder anddthe armed robbery at the new haven lounge where harris haa stopped. >> no one can identify tte three individuals. and as i indicated in my opening, thissis a high profile case. and my suspicion issthe police department had toomake a quick arrest, to calm the fears of the community. >> joy lepola, fox 45 news "late editioo". >> robinson ttstified that she monthss harris' widow was not in court today. >> beautiful beginning to our work week. what is in store for primary election day tomorrow? here is vytas reid withha look at the sky watch forecast.
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no excuse not to vote tomorrow, vytas? >> not at all. unless don't like sunshine..3 beautiful day. and great can day to get out and enjoy. with nice temperatures and plenty of sunssine. look at the maryland state radar. you can see not much activity. there was some pretty good thunderstorms up ii new jersey, new york earlier today. back in west virginia. few spotty showers, but will miss us. looking at what will happen. next day planner. clear skies tonight 65 for the morning commute. and brushing into the lower 80s for later in the afternoon. but for the moot part, relatively quiet conditiinn, and i will show you when the next chance foo rain is arriving. coming up in my seven-day forecast in a bit. >> the ravens inch by witt a victory over the jets tonight. brutal game, lots of penalties. hard hitting and somm on field bickering. but a win. for the opener. fans took purple and black pride into enemy territory in new york. make that north jersey with a new meadow land stadium as the
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back load. fans gathered among the sea of green and white this afternnon. and no one was afraii to show their alliance. but the relationships seemed to transcend rivalries. >> rivalry going on here. and too bbd he will lose. ú->> may the best team win. >> exactly. >> no injuries tonight we come away clean. >> nd stty with us. coming up kristen berset will join us live from the garden state with highlights, reaction and analysis of the big game. all in a special edition of "sports unlimited", coming up in just about 10 minutes. and, of course, we want to see your purple pride. go to and click on the community features -sction. >> a sports reporter gets some locker room cat calls. before the jets game. now she is tryyng to defend herself and how the nfl is reaating tonight.3 >> the sub that sank the last vessel of the
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but hurry - offer ends march 31st ! >> the imam behind the planned mosque two blocks from ground zero in manhattan has criticism. he is a proud american, and muslim he sayy, and despite the deep division believes a mosque near the site where the twin towers once stood is worth the ffrestorm. >> this center, will be a place
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for all faiths, to come together, as partnnrs, stakeholders in mutual respect. to american uslims across they country. %--orld.mericans all over the >> a poll shows voters overwwelmingly believe the group has the right to build the mosque but most thiik it is3 morallyywrong. >> meantime a major announcement out of baltimore county. a man that runs a non-profit wantt to partner with builder donald trump and match offer to buy the propeety. plan is to put a center for the >> elieve in the american people and american spirit. they might have takee this not take our soul. >> no word on whether donald trump accepted the offer to buy the property now foo $12 milllon. -> back at home. beautiful day. what can we be expecting for the %-of course primary election day -omorrow. herr is vytas reid again with a
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look at the sky watch forecast. hello 73 tas. decent day. kind of like today. but it looks like we started out this morning with a few clouds. only difference that we will get for tomorrow. pretty much no clluds. even fog scattered around there early this morning. but for the most part. clear skies out there. downtown baltimore. shows a relatively trrnquil evening. 63 degrees. cool temperatures. feels good. and winds calm. humidity at 29.9 inches and it will rise with higher pressure building in. almanac tells the story. 81 degrees was the high.ú 58 was the low. and moms nd dads getting the kids out there. having to get the jackets onú them. because it ii starting out cooler hours. as they head off to school and get on the bus. normally we are at 79. temperatures are in the ballpark ú%%-offyear.ssould be this time ú% precipitation reported. as far as the temperatures around the region. we have on the eastern shore, a
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line of 60s frrm wilmington to salisbury. we're in the 70s right now. back to the western portion of the state. mid to lowerr60s. we will continue to see the temperatures drop through the overnight. and stretching across the mid-atlantic. nnrth of new york city. temperatures are cooler. 59 in boston. 56 in albany.ú and buffalo sitting at 58. and we continue to see the 70s just south of us. but it looks like we will continueeto stay on the mildly warm side of things or the nex3 few ace. cool front extends through the aaea. firing up stronger thunderstorms and issuing severe thunderstorm the game was earlier. postponing the game for 15 minutes gulf has pushed to the southeast. and we will continue to see that high pressure keep us dry. temmeratures will hold steady for the neet couple of days..3 across the state. future scan shows relatively no %-maybe a pop-up shower north ad west of us. buu for the most part. keeping our eyeeto the tropics. this is important. well definnd eye. eye wall here. you can see down. it is clear in the center of the
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quiet. calm winds. looking at this category 4 storm. igor. ú%nds 138 miles perrhour. getting to 167 milee per hour. ú%is is the strongest storm of the seaaon so far. and, in fact, tracking this storm. bermuda. folks there, or if you have plans to travel. to bermuda. ú%eck ahead by saturday. landfall right across bermuda. as a category 3 or strrngú categoryy2 storm. projection right now. watch that closely. 69 degrees tonight. mainly clear skies tomorrow. plenty of sunshine. then the five--ay forecast showw 80 wednesday. sunshine. 78 on thursday. late showers possible. and then friday, saturday. lookinn at a fabuuous weekend heading our way. jeff? >> all right. vytas, thank you. it is sunk the last ship of the second world war. now the uss torsk is resupplying usiig several volunteers. two ttrpedoes from world war twentt four load order board this morning. oneeof the weepons was actually
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on board the ship decades ago. torpedoes were dangerous back then. and it is no different now. >> 3500 pounds. say my prayers eveey morning wwen we do a load that nobody gets hurt. >> technically onnloan here in baltimore, tte volunteers say these torpedoes could enddup on board permanently. >> oh, there is a lot of talk out there tonight that jennifer lopez mayyhave signed a deal to fox is not confirmingganything.3 but one website reeorts she signed a deal with fox for $12 million. tipsters say she wanted a bigger deal with fox, but fox brass said no, j-lo. >> and the nfl investigates claims of harassment by the new york jets. mexican tv reporter ennis sands said pllaers and coaches were in the looker room and throwing fooobaals aa her at practice. but team has apologized and she
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was not offend. herself from the criiics. posting this icture of herself ttat day. she denies hhrrchoice of outfits are inappropriate. >> i am kristen erset at n [ male announcer ] it's ram truck season. and the 60-day handshake lives on, that five-finger bond that communicates trust,
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>> after all the waiting, all the hype and jawing back and forth they hit the field tonight. ravens and jets in the 2010 season opener. %-premiere defenses and nothinge saw tonight caused us to hhnge this one begannin disastrous fashion. ú%rst quarter joe flacco sandwiched. ball ffies. jets recover at the 11. and jett are held to a field goal. and they lead by that margin. 3-0. but the ravens strikk back. and joe flacco goes over he top for todd heap. and corner wilson knocks it away at the last moment. that close.ú look at ttat.
12:50 am
frrm a touchdown. later, same series. mcgahee tries to get something going. he fumbles. they make thh recovery. bart scott jared it loose. ravens hhld he ball for nine minutes on the ppssession and comm up empty. second quarter. 3-0. straight up field. 32 yarrs. all the way down to the raven 38-yard line. watchhpunter cook make the tackle. %-6-00jets.her field goal. but raaens mount another drive. joe flacco looking for bolden at the goal. and ttey intercept and cuts ttem off. picks up 66 yards on the return. could all the way down to the raven 31-yard llne. and after the jets fumble. cundiff hits the 46-yard fieed goal. and jets are called for running into the kicker. ú%kes off the points. %-mcgahee cashes it in. 7-6 baltimore at the break.
12:51 am
joe flacco to bolden. down the side line. great adjustment by wide out. good for 27 yards..3 led to a cundiff field goal. ravens lead. and 4th quarter.ú jets ith a 3 and 4. sanchez backs the pass. alow debreaks free and pounces. jets fooced to untt with he last gas. sanchez o keller. first ddwn marker.short of the and thee hang on for a victory over the new york jets. >> many people watching this tonnght up in new jersey, among them are our kristen berset. and you look pretty haapy. but i have a feeling the clearly are not? >> that is true. they were clearing out the down did not convert. it was hard nose, like you said, two of the premiere defenses going against each %-and joon harbaugh, first thing he wanted tt do was congratulate
12:52 am
the defenss on a game well played. >> i am proud of our football team. - am proud of tte ravens. i thought we were disciplined poised and played with fundamennal sounnness, okay. %-against and you you have to be and come back and play the next play. we had bad field position for the second half. but punched out and fliped. second half. one for 113th down. ú%nalties, they had 14, we have five. to play that kind of a football, -eam, and in this kind of environment and play with that kind of discipline and poose and i aa proud of them. >> brucee,with all he talk and the very vocal ray lewis, had a great quote affidavit game. any time yyu challenge a war year, a war year will respond. that's what they did. >> you were in the locker roomm
12:53 am
10-9 victory, maybe some peopleú are not satisfied by t i have a feeling the locker room as as happy as if it was a 40-point victory? >> as hard nose as this game was they were happy to come away, monday night, first ape game of the season. with a win. but going back to owen's ills they have a lot of work to do. >> they spoil the debut of the new meadowlands.3 not much time to celebrate the win. they havv cincinnati next up in just six days.
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nice to say, on't say it at all. new suuvey indicates that the opposite is true for positiveú feedback. doctors say if you have something nice to say, say it. it could bb good for you. the ssudy showw repeating positivv praise actually gave the praiseerra boost in self esteem. but bad talking haa an equally adverse reactton. >> new survey supports evidence %-mercury baseddpreservative wws found in many vaccinations. doctors the looked at data from %-who were xposed to high leves of the preservative. they found no matter how much exposure, there was absolutely
12:57 am
no win crease in the risk of any type of autistic disorder. however, doctors say more research is needed. >> final look at the seven-day forecast. it lox like for tomorrow, we will see the temperatures around 81 degrees. plenty of suushine. beautiful day. pleasant conditions continuing inno wednesday. 80 degrees. friday 79. spotty showers. about 40 percent chancee or that. but then into the weekend. all the weekend, lowerr80s. back to you.ú >> thank you, vytas. that doessit for the "late thanks for joining us.3 i am jeff barnd. take care. and vote tomorrow in the primmrr. real time closed captioning provided by u.s. captioning
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